Cashmere from sustainable Value Chains

2008 - 2017: 10 years of breeding Valais Cashmere Goats 


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This website offers some thoughts about cashmere from sustainable value chains; about unsustainable cashmere production; about the cashmere 'business'; about appreciating (or not appreciating) handmade cashmere products; about true cashmere and its value; and about the idea of breeding Valais cashmere goats.

The website also introduces 'leyna' cashmere from Ladakh in Northern India. A genuine product from the Changpa, the last semi-nomadic pastoralists living on the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh/Northern India. 

Handspun and handwoven 'leyna' shawls are available in limited numbers and offered for sale (page 3). 

I am an engineer and not a livestock specialist (see impressum). Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

At Jungen Alp in Summer 2014