Cashmere from sustainable Value Chains

2008 - 2017: 10 years of breeding Valais Cashmere Goats 



Sale of leyna shawls

Due to the limited amount of valcash shawls available, no valcash shawls are sold for the time being.

Leyna shawls are sold from different origins, though the leyna cashmere is in both cases sourced from the Changthang Plateau:

1. Leyna shawls from Leh/Ladakh

The raw leyna cashmere is bought from the Changpa pastoralists by the All Changthangi Pashmina Growers Association of Leh/Ladakh, cleaned by machine, and handspun and handwoven by individual women. The shawls are of different size and thus vary in prize (CHF 200-300, about US$ 210-315).

2. Leyna shawls from Srinagar/Kashmir

The raw leyna cashmere of these shawls is also bought from the Changpa but - as it was practiced in the past for centuries - by an individual Kashmiri family from Srinagar. The family then organizes the full production process - cleaning, carding, spinning and weaving, all by hand carried out by weaving families - and then sells the final product, mainly shawls, on the market. The shawls are very fine, all of the same size, and cost CHF 350 (about US$ 370).


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